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Acclaim Systems Pte Ltd was setup in 1992 as a fire detection system supplier.

We have maintained our focus on the fire safety industry since our inception. New products and services have been continuously added over the years such as:

  • addressable and non-addressable fire detection systems
  • clean agent fire suppression systems such as FM200, CO2, Inert gas
  • special fire detection systems such as high sensitivity smoke detection system (HSSD), linear heat detection system and flame detection system
  • pre-action system
  • installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance of fire detection and suppression systems

The valuable knowledge and experience gained from installing, testing, commissioning and maintaining a wide range of fire detection and suppression systems has enable us to excel in providing turnkey integrated solutions for areas requiring special protection. We have completed many integrated turnkey projects for data centres, computer rooms and disaster recovery centres to-date.

Our past experience includes residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructural projects locally as well as countries in Asia such as Brunei, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia amongst others.

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